Sentosa… your marketing team blain got probrem, is it?

Yesterday, my drinking kakis and I went to the Resort World’s Sentosa casino to earn some of our beer money… then kena sai, the ban lak girl like damn on form like that, every hand also get 21.

So after 3 hours, bo bian, I have to leave the casino and walk around the beach area (need to find if they sell red color swimming trunks so I can change my underwear).

I walk walk walk until I reach the Palawan beach, then I saw this 2 signs…

Sentosa Southernmost point of Asia


Then I think…. not correct leh…. Singapore not an island meh??????  Where got link to continental Asia?

So, I went to do the Google on my phone and I see the description…. orh… they include the 2 Causeway and the link from Singapore to Sentosa as part of the continent….  but even then, on the Sentosa Palawan page they say this…

Uncle me the geography not very good, but I also know that this is bullshit la!

The whole Riau province transparent one ah?

The whole Riau province transparent one ah?

I know the Riau people went to burn their forest until we kena haze la, but like that forget about them also not very nice what…

So, Sentosa Marketing Team… you really need to wake up your idea la… even Uncle Me not very educated also know bullshit when I see it…  if you continue to be like that ah… very embarassing for all the Robert ang mors you are trying to fleece le…