A bit kelong la

My drinking kakis and I were having our usual lao hor at the downstairs kopithiam and we started talking about the Singapore hawker challenge with Gordon Ramsay… then we had a bet.

We all say that the final score confirm is 2-1 to the Singapore team one because need to show off our hawkers sibei zai one ma. But we also need to give him one win so that we can save face…

Don’t get us wrong. We love our hawker food. Without hawker centre, where can we go to talk about politics? But this kind of thing is sibei kelong one la. Singtel probly give him many money to come to Singapore to be a clown for three days. He also very happy to take the money and then come down here for free publicity when he open a new restaurant. Then all the Singaporeans all song song because our hawker food suddenly can beat Michelin Star chefs and become world class. Win/Win/Win le.

So Ramsay come down here and be on his best behavior… and everyone win lor… except the Jumbo guy la… I think he tow qiu for too long also long time neber cook his own chilli crabs liao… so have to be the sacrificial lamb.