COINcidence? I think not…

Source: ChannelNewsAsia

Source: ChannelNewsAsia


Moving Average ma

So last night I was driving down the expressway and I was stopped by the blardy TP.

The policeman told me I was speeding – that their speed camera logged down my speed at 160km/h and they want to book me.

Then I told them that my car speed at that point in time is not reflective of the actual situation…

My average speed over the last three hours was only 60km/h, and my average speed over the last 24 hours was only 10km/h (I need to sleep one ma)… well below the speed limit.

How come they no accept my excuse ah?


Source: ChannelNewsAsia


According to the Oxford dictionary, it means the beginning or creation of something… Not the black stout that I like to drink with my kakis at the kopithiam la.  It is a new word I learnt from watching some Bible drama on television. Makes me sound sibei sophisticated hor? Good word to start a blog with la.

So why start a blog?

Like everything in Singapore now… I think you can blame the haze.

See ah… nowadays the haze so bad, all my abangs also don’t want to sit in the kopithiam with me… scared our lao hor kena additional ingredients from Indonesia. So what to do? Have to stay at home la.

Then stay at home also sibei sian… so looksee looksee on the internet lor. And you know ah… at uncle age, there is only so much porn you can see before becoming damn tired… and somemore I got so much other energy pent up because don’t have my kakis to complain to, then I start a blog la  

I mean every Singaporean and their dog (no really, their dog) also got a blog, cannot be too difficult, right?